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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter cleaning by N Clark Window Cleaning LtdThe big problem with gutter cleaning is back to trust again. You, the customer, have no way of checking that the gutters have been cleaned properly. We’ve all heard horror stories of workman coming and charging horrendous amounts of money when the gutters were either already clean or even worse, leaving without bothering to clear the gutters at all! Knowing it will be months before the customer realises.

How can I be sure they’ve cleaned them?

In the modern world of smart phones it is now very easy to take pictures or videos before and after the job. We can then show or email them to you for your peace of mind. See the before and after pictures below, we took these for a customer in Battersea.

As with all working at height our gutter cleaning is completed in line with our approved risk assessments.

What if my gutters are too high?

If your gutters cannot be safely reached by a ladder then a cherry picker or scaffolding could be necessary. However, there is another option which has revolutionised the gutter cleaning industry. Hoovers attached to telescopic poles can clean gutters up to 60 feet from the floor. Some of them feature a digital camera which shows the operator exactly what is happening in the gutter. This video can be emailed to the customer to ensure their peace of mind. This is an excellent economical alternative to using a cherry picker or scaffolding.

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