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New Investment leads to Training Day

N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd recognise the importance of training staff to use equipment safely and securely especially when working at height. It’s because of this that we believe in the ongoing development and improvement of our staff. We want all our window cleaning technicians to have the relevant qualifications, accreditations and experience to deliver a professional and safe service. As a result, we arranged a training day on 18th February 2020 and the company closed for the day.

Due to the our recent investment in some new equipment which included a bespoke reach and wash van fully equipped with the latest technology enabling us to work on even bigger projects, we spent the day training all of the staff on how to operate the vehicle and the equipment in it.

There are many risks associated with window cleaning and so we want our staff, customers and the general public to be safe when we are cleaning windows. As a result, as part of our training day we also delivered a refresher course on working safely at height.

Using the opportunity to talk to all of our staff at the same time during the training and ask for feedback on the equipment and working conditions, new risk assessment strategies were implemented on the basis of the feedback given. The training day was a success which was enjoyed by everyone and which they all found useful and informative.

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