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Ongoing Investment and Development Of Our Staff!

N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd understands how important it is to provide a comprehensive training programme for our staff in order to strengthen their skills and ensure that where possible they all have the same knowledge and capabilities so as to have consistency throughout the company. In turn this improves the overall performance of the business. We have also always been keen to invest in our staff to ensure that they feel valued.

On the 18th & 19th February N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd closed for business for two days in order to allow time for staff training. This was significant in the history of the company as it was the first time that all staff received first aid training and harness training. We were able to gather everyone together in the same room, our office staff and the technicians who go out and about across London cleaning windows. It’s rare that they are all able to be together, so it was a great team building opportunity!

We were keen to ensure that all our staff received first aid training so that going forward they have the knowledge and confidence to carry out potentially life saving assistance. While this training can be applied in the workplace it is also invaluable in everyday life too. During the course our staff were involved in a combination of practical tasks and theory.

As part of the draining days the use of new equipment was implemented and staff were fully trained on how to use this new equipment such as work positioning systems and smaller reach and wash systems that were to be installed in all smaller vans.

The training days also afforded us the opportunity to review all risk assessments and we had some very productive discussions with our staff about assessing safety issues that the company face and how these could be addressed. The feedback from the training days was very positive.

“It was excellent to see how knowledgeable the N Clark team has become and how proactive and positive the attitude toward safety is becoming” Nicholas Clark

1 Day Emergency First Aid Certificate Safety Harness Training Certificate

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