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Window Cleaning References in Highgate:

“Thrilled, they were great! Got there on time, they got through it, they were really good.”
Claire – Highgate – N6 – June 2018

“Absolutely ecstatic! You did a great job.”
Valentina – Highgate – N6 – June 2018

“It was excellent. My wife was very happy with it, great!”
Richard – Highgate – N6 – April 2018

“Everything was great thank you very much, they were good, quick, thought about how to approach things. Yeah really happy.”
Rebecca – Highgate – N6 – November 2017

“Very happy, really pleased, the guys were really helpful – Thank you!”
Zoe – Highgate – N6 – August 2016

“I have just had my windows cleaned by Ben and Ray. They were great – warm, friendly, professional and did a great and fast job. Really appreciated I will certainly use your company again.”
Nicole Marais – Junction Rd – Dartmouth Park – Highgate N19

“Absolutely Wonderful, I’m going to recommend you to everyone!! Really, really happy, a lovely, lovely job.”
Gabriella – Highgate – N2

“Very happy, very quick and efficient. Guys were great and thanks very much.”
Jane – Highgate – N10

“Very, very happy! The team were very kind. I will definitely use you again.”
Ionna – Highgate – N6

“Happy with clean, very efficient and very polite.”
Patricia – N6 – Highgate

“Hello N Clark. I had Joel and David yesterday they were extremely, extremely nice chaps. I was very happy to have them. There are lots of other flats in this block and I have reccommended you to the property manager and the porter. Please book me in for every 7 weeks.”
Sarah – South Grove – Highgate- N6

“Very happy, team of three guys got through it very quickly, All good!”
Austin – Highgate – N6

“Everything went smoothly, near perfect – A happy customer!”
Iain – Highgate – N6

“Really, really happy with clean, did a brilliant job – The conservatory is hard to get cleaned well, and your guys did it really well!”
Shoshannah – Highgate – N6

“VERY PLEASED – A really good service, a great job, we should be very proud!!!”
Ralph – Highgate – N6

“Very pleased excellent job done – next time will have in + out.”
Jane – Hornsey Lane – Highgate N6 …read more.


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