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Bookings and Cleaning Cycles

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You can book us at any time and we will always fit you in within a week.

Regularity and cycles

Clean windows are addictive and once you have had them cleaned, you will likely realise you need them cleaned regularly. The Majority of our customers have the windows cleaned on 7 weekly cycles. This means that we come and clean every 7 weeks. Occasionally and in very busy periods like Christmas it may end up being between 6 or 8 weeks but it will always balance out as every 7 weeks over the course of the year.

If you would like to have some extra cleaning on a particular frequent please feel free to contact us and make a booking to ensure we have time on the day. If you forget, try asking us when we come and we will do our best to fit you in. Hopefully we can!

What if I don’t want regular cleaning?

You may feel that you don’t require cleaning every 7 weeks, in which case we can put you on 14 or 21 week cycles. In this way we will tie you in with other customers in your area and clean you all together.

If you ever need to be cleaned on a week different from those cycles, if you prefer once a month, some other frequency or just a one off, we are happy to oblige! However it will be more economical if we can tie you in with others in your area.This is not rigid.

Window Cleaning By N. Clark Window Cleaning LtdVerbal contracts and cancellations

We don’t require you to sign a contract, however we do rely on good will and once you have agreed to a regular cycle, or any other booking, you must give at least ONE WORKING DAYS NOTICE (not including Saturdays) before a cancellation. If you don’t and we are unable to find a replacement we may need to charge you anyway. If we have only given you an estimate and we are planning to confirm the price on arrival, we may need to charge you the amount of that rough quote. Obviously, if the confirmed price exceeds the rough quote, there is no obligation for you to go ahead. This is purely to stop time wasters booking us and cancelling on the day.


We take payment by cash, we also take cheque, BACS or payment over the phone .

Once you are fully and completely satisfied with the work we request payment within 7 days. Should you fail to make payment within the agreed 7 days , we reserve the right to pass your account over to Daniels Silverman Limited and you will become liable for all additional charges incurred.

Daniels Silverman


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