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Window Cleaning (By Hand)

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Benefits of cleaning by hand

Window cleaning is really very simple. The vast majority of the time, and where safe to do so, there is no better way to clean a window than by getting up close and manually cleaning it by hand. The cleaner can then make sure that all the sills and frames are clean and the drips are wiped. Any plants or plant boxes can then be removed from the sill where safe to do so, cleaned underneath and then replaced. If required the windows and sills can be “Detailed” (see Detailing).

Many window cleaning companies are shying away from cleaning by hand for safety reasons, but also because it’s easier, quicker and therefore considerably cheaper not to.

If quality is more important to you than economy, then remember it is NOT illegal to use ladders; ladders can still be used safely and, for many houses, cleaning by hand is still vastly superior to anything else.

Cleaning insides by hand

Cleaning inside may seem easier, normally no need for ladders etc. However insides often need more thought and more care as it is so easy to knock over a vase, drip on carpets or mark curtains and walls.

All cleaners are instructed to remove their shoes, or use the shoe covers they are issued.

Limits of cleaning by hand

If a window cannot be safely reached by a ladder then we can clean outside from inside. Where windows don’t open, as a last resort we will use harnesses to safely clean by hand or a pure water system (see Pure Water System). We consider it a personal insult if there are windows we cannot clean. We are very rarely insulted.

Health and safety

Health and safety strongly discourages going above 9 meters on a ladder. Our Biggest ladders fully extended are just short of that once at an angle. This means we can safely reach most first and second floor windows to clean by hand. If going from a platform (either a flat roof, porch or secure scaffolding) then the 9 meters is from the top of that elevation. This means in real terms that most window cleaning can be done safely, by hand, from a ladder.

Risk must be controlled at every step of the process. However the work is carried out, all work at height must be completed in line with our approved risk assessments.

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