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Skylights Velux Windows

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Can they be reached safely?

Skylight Velux Windows
Similar Principles apply to Skylights and Velux Windows as to conservatory roofs- see Conservatories . The slight difference is they are often easier to access (especially Velux windows which can normally be accessed from the inside without safety equipment). Again where possible it is better to clean by hand.  Where it is not possible or unsafe to do so, we may still be able to clean by hand with the use of an extension pole or from a harness in line with our approved risk assessments. Failing all of these the Pure Water System is an excellent, economical, solution.

What if I have Self-cleaning glass?

Like conservatory roofs if you have self-cleaning glass in your skylight the manufacturer will likely require that no soap solution or demineralised (pure) water be put on the chemically treated glass face. In this instance it is advised to clean the skylight by soft bristle, water fed brushes. In other words the pure water system without the pure demineralised (pure) water.

Again on the inside like conservatories we stay away from using a lot of water as dirty water can drip on furniture and walls. Unless excessively dirty we spray, rub and polish by hand using a Nova Clear solution.

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