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Window Cleaning in Chelsea

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Window Cleaning References in Chelsea

The chaps were lovely, we were very happy, they did a great job and we will definitely be using you again.

Caroline – Chelsea – SW10 - May 2022

Very happy, they did a fabulous job. Rayan and Bradley were so nice, very courteous. Rayan was amazing! They did a smashing job πŸ™‚

Elizabeth – Chelsea – SW3 - February 2022

Absolutely Brilliant !! - Carlos and Ashley - they were wonderful, kind, respectful, delightful and on time! Really, really happy. They certainly knew what they were doing, like Spider Monkeys, so confident, efficient and quick! It was beautifully done and they wiped all surfaces. Out of all the companies I phoned, you were the first to get back to me. Very impressed with the staff, it has made a big difference! I have given your number to my neighbour and will give it to my friends. I will call you in about 4 months. I am certainly going to be talking about you!!

Victoire – Chelsea – SW10 - April 2021

Very happy, both guys very helpful with a very can-do attitude. Very smiley and positive.

Pamela – Chelsea – SW3 - October 2019

Yes very happy and with the crew – very helpful and gave advice on an issue with water dripping onto a couple of windows. Once the leak is fixed I will be in touch to get those windows dealt with as they have lime scale on them that needs chemicals to remove.

Debra – Chelsea – NW3 - August 2019

We were all really pleased with the windows, your guys were so polite and thorough, and they liaised well with me which was great.

Tracey, Building Manager – Chelsea – SW3

They did extremely well, they’ve done an excellent job, it was brilliant. and thank you for coming so quickly.

Ian – Chelsea – SW5

Brilliant!! Absolutely! Very, very nice. Everything was done so quickly, but so well! Very professionally done and very friendly. Just a good experience.

Veronyka – Chelsea – SW10

They were amazing, thank you so much! Brilliant, Super-efficient and I will be recommending them to anyone who asks.

Karen – Chelsea – SW3

I was very happy with the clean and will definitely use you again.

Bill – Chelsea – SW3

We were very happy indeed, it was brilliant!! We will definitely use you company again!

Maddy – Chelsea – SW10

Very kind of you to call, your chaps did a good job – Found you on the internet, tried a few others, but their attitude was wrong! Tried again a few days later, and you were on the top of the list. You were very efficient, and I will certainly recommend you to other people.

David – SW3 – Chelsea

Very, very happy with pressure wash. The guys did a great job, very courteous, very efficient. Would also like to have my windows cleaned on a regular basis.

Penny – Chelsea – SW7

β€œIt was very good actually, very quick, and the windows look great!

Lorraine – Chelsea – SW10

Great, and very quick. Would like to become regular.

Pauline – Chelsea – SW10

Very happy with the result, the team were very polite and very clean.

Maglai – Chelsea – SW10

Very happy with a very professional clean, very efficient. An excellent job!!

Nadine – Chelsea – SW3

Fantastic. Very efficient, nice and early, perfect, Lovely! Every 14 weeks please.

Rosalind – Chelsea – SW1W

Everything great the clean was good and the boys were fantastic!

Chelsea – SW3

More than happy!! Brilliant clean! A pigeon even flew at the window it was so clean! I have also recommended you to my estate agent so they can recommend you to their clients!

Pippa – Chelsea – SW10

Just Two Lines To Compliment You On The Team You Sent Us This Morning – Competent With 4th Floor Windows Difficult And Dangerous To Reach Outside, Fast, Courteous. We Couldn’t Be More Satisfied With Your Service.

Henry And Gerarda – Earls Court – Chelsea- SW5

My windows have never been so clean so, not only will I recommend you but I WILL use you again as you have behaved so honorably throughout this unfortunate incident. Many thanks.

Roz Wreford – Chelsea – Belgravia – SW1X

β€œVery pleased Excellent work, very professional – I will certainly use you again.

Mo – South Kensington – Chelsea SW7

Hi Nicholas, yes, we were very satisfied. Please text me whenever you are in the area.

Jens – South Kensington – Chelsea – SW3

Very happy with the cleaning, thank you. Please book the week of 3rd September.

Sanja – South Kensington – Chelsea – SW3

Absolutely brilliant, very happy, thank you for coming! – Will call you when I want another clean.

Anne – Chelsea – SW3

Nicholas-all went well please put us on regular cleaning list. Thank you.

Katherine - Chelsea

Very Happy and very pleased to give a reference.

Martin – Earls Court – Chelsea- SW5

Window Cleaning in Chelsea

Window Cleaning ChelseaChelsea forms part of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is the smallest borough in London, however what it lacks in size it makes up for in the number of people who live there as it is one of the most densely populated regions in the UK. This hasn’t always been the case. Because the area was right by the river Thames it was originally a fishing village! During Tudor times, Henry VIII acquired a riverside residence in Chelsea at the Manor House. While this was later demolished the manor house garden can still be found beyond the end wall of Cheyne Mews. The garden has Mulberry trees which it’s believed were planted by Queen Elizabeth I.

Chelsea has long been associated with wealth and affluence and in the 18th and 19th centuries even had a private road for the king going through it, literally the King’s Road! It was this king, Charles II, who also founded the Royal Hospital Chelsea as a retirement home for army veterans in need. Chelsea was also once had a reputation as the home of many artists, painters and poets. Today the grand, elegant buildings still line the roads in Chelsea and if you live in all of, or part of one of these beautiful buildings that the area is associated with, then no doubt you will require a window cleaning service in Chelsea.

At N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd we provide a comprehensive window cleaning service in Chelsea. We continue to use traditional window cleaning techniques for window cleaning in Chelsea, as they are often superior to more modern methods.

As part of our window cleaning service in Chelsea, firstly, we apply a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator. The second part of the process is to clean the solution off manually by using a squeegee. A cloth is used to then wipe the glass to ensure a smear free window. Any sections which need attention can be easily spotted when cleaning the windows manually, so you no longer need to look at an annoying handprint or a smudge of dirt on the window.

Our team at N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd all wear a uniform which reflects our professionalism. We can tailor our window cleaning in Chelsea to suit your needs so that the visits we make to clean your windows are carried out in an unobtrusive manner.

We provide domestic and commercial window cleaning in Chelsea. To find out more ring N Clark Window Cleaning Ltd on 0800 0283 586.

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