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Window Cleaning References in Battersea:

“Absolutely, very happy with the clean. Would like another clean before Christmas. Very attracted to you because everything hand cleaned where possible. The long poles cannot reach where I have window boxes!”
Roberta – Battersea – SW11 – November 2018

“Very good window clean, brilliant thank you. Very happy with the service and by all means use my comments on your website.”
Maggi – Battersea – SW11 – August 2018

“Really great, came nice and early, got everything done, a very charming team.”
Anouschka – Battersea – SW11 – July 2018

“I am very happy with the clean. The guys were perfectly on time, professional and courteous. I particularly liked the windows being cleaned by hand rather than brush and ionized water.”
Fergal – Battersea – SW11 – June 2018

“It was great, they were great, really nice guys – Will definitely use you again.”
Emir – Battersea – SW11 – June 2018

“Yes, it was really good. The guys were really helpful and professional. I will have a think about the regularity, but I will definitely use you again in the future.”
Alice – Battersea – SW11 – June 2018

“Absolutely delighted, I can’t believe the difference it has made! The guys were very prompt, very quick and they look brilliant!”
Camilla – Battersea – SW11 – May 2018

“We are extremely happy with the window clean. Your window cleaners were efficient, professional and helpful.”
Capri UK Investments Limited – Battersea – SW11 – November 2017

“Fantastic! Yes they were very good, very efficient, punctual and polite.”
Kate – Battersea – SW11 – June 2017

“We are extremely happy with the window cleaning, your guys have done a great job and very reasonably priced.”
Becky – Battersea – SW11 – July 2016

“Absolutely fine, everything was brilliant, the windows look lovely! I would like them done regularly.”
Jennifer – Battersea – SW11

“Fantastic, really efficient, easy going, really good to deal with!!”
Harry – Battersea – SW11

“Clean was spot on, excellent, very happy!!”
Sam – Battersea – SW11

“I am delighted, absolutely perfect. Very fast and a super thorough job!!! Will call us when next clean needed.”
Kat – Battersea – SW8

“Great, a really good job. No drips, no mess – Bliss, it was fab!”
Neal – Battersea – SW11

“The team did a great job, I Would like a clean every 14 weeks – Saw you on Google and was impressed with video!”
Sarah – Clapham – SW11

“Perfectly fine, Sparkling Clean!!”
Kelly – Battersea – SW11

“Very happy with clean, Fabulous! Guys on time, very pleased.”
Amanda – Battersea – SW11…read more.


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